Developing tomorrow’s workforce with today’s most in-demand skills

Zeleus delivers career development programs to upskill professionals and college graduates, and turn them into your country’s future.

FUTURE CAREERS Your path to long-term economic growth: it starts with investing in your most capable professionals

Zeleus’ career development programs are built around the latest career needs from the most recently developed verticals, to give ambitious professionals in every corner of the world a competitive edge in today’s employment market.
Using our combination of sophisticated hybrid in-person and remote education technology, a dense network of world-class educators and business leaders, and some of the most respected minds in cutting edge career fields, Zeleus is helping countries and organizations fortify their economies with competitive workforces in in-demand fields.


Give professionals in-demand skills they can use to build their futures

We’re not just giving professionals a competitive edge, we’re giving them the means to build a better life for themselves. Zeleus helps college graduates upskill and uplevel their income, creating a more enjoyable and financially fruitful lifestyle for themselves and their families.


Our team of career advisors stay close to the most rapidly developing job markets in the world, so that your people can develop into industries where jobs are plentiful — and lucrative.

About Us

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Zeleus was founded with the goal of empowering professionals and propelling entrepreneurs as they work to build successful careers and businesses.   

We use a combination of powerful AI technology and human experts to help guide professionals throughout their careers. We also train entrepreneurs as they launch their companies, so they can be well positioned for lifelong success. Anywhere.  

For professionals, Zeleus is changing the game for career development. We leverage our proprietary AI-driven recommender and search engine, “big data” capabilities, and extensive databases to identify and help secure career opportunities for our members globally.   

For entrepreneurs, Zeleus utilizes our vast network of business professionals and internationally renowned companies within the U.S. to implement early-stage Venture Capital startup incubators for new businesses. And we deliver AI-driven tools and individualized human support to help launch and accelerate entrepreneurial careers. 

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Our students go from under-employed to prepared for new opportunities in 3-6 months

Technical skill development

  • AI engineering
  • Drone engineering
  • Cybersecurity
  • Robotics and automation
  • Cloud computing
  • Programming languages such as Python, Java, and C++ 

Essential soft skills

  • Communication and cross-functional collaboration
  • Social and emotional intelligence
  • Interpersonal networking
  • Digital literacy and remote work management
  • Leadership development and managing teams

In-demand industry-specific skills

  • Agribusiness
  • Legal IP (AI and related inventions)
  • Healthtech
  • Renewable energy
  • 3D construction modeling
  • Tourism
  • Arts and culture


Helping your workforce compete with a global job market

Part of what makes Zeleus so special is that we’re not just providing professionals with new technical skills, but with the communication and cultural skills required to compete with a global labor market.
Zeleus programs provide the technical education, as well as the culture exposure and ESL education your students need to obtain higher-paying jobs and start strong businesses.


Zeleus prioritizes native level fluency in English, helping students not just to build a conversational vocabulary, but to understand colloquial terms and cultural references in English-speaking business transactions.



Remote doesn’t mean virtual only. Zeleus helps students break down physical barriers to the labor market by providing a hybrid networking and learning environment that allows real-time interfacing with industry contacts, instructors, and peers from the global classroom.



The job search is an important step in the Zeleus student’s path. We provide dedicated career coaches for one-to-one mentorship, to help advise your students through every step of the job search.

Our Entrepreneurship Program

New businesses form the foundation for flourishing national economies. They stimulate new jobs, and spread prosperity and opportunity in new places.

Being an entrepreneur requires a very unique skill set, and one that is not often taught in the typical university program.

Many under-employed college graduates are uniquely positioned to be successful entrepreneurs, but simply lack the business knowledge required to take the first steps.

Zeleus bridges that gap, by providing comprehensive entrepreneurship training from some of the most trusted voices in the industry.


We teach new entrepreneurs the financial skills required to run (and grow) a new business, from revenue forecasting, to analyzing profit margins.

business management

Strong management skills are essential for successful entrepreneurs. We give our entrepreneurship students an education in basic business operations, with a focus on early-stage, lean processes.


Soft skills and technical skills converge in our sales and marketing training, where we advise students on today’s best practices, and strategies ideal for early-stage companies.


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